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We provide a wide range of professional services such as statistical and psychometric analysis of survey data, longitudinal data analysis, structural equation modeling, and of course psychometric analysis for new exam development, as well as, updating current exams.  The psychometric analysis can involve item analysis, reliability, and validity studies using classical, generalizability theory, Rasch measurement, or IRT approaches.  Check out our Services tab to find out more about what we provide.

Our Clients tab provides a list of many of our recent customers.  We have provided professional licensure exams, certification exams, and interest surveys, as well as, statistical analysis and other web site support for our clients.  Some of our current projects include surveys to assess online readiness for distance learning and career assessment instruments.

Today there is no shortage of websites that claim to provide information and advice regarding survey construction, administration, or statistical analysis.  We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive group of professionals dedicated to serving you and your needs.  Our initial development plans and continued support services will not disappoint you.

 AMA is a fully licensed and privately owned limited liability company that works on a contract basis.  We always act in our client's best interest. Our focus is on providing the services you need in a custom tailored unique way that meets your needs.  AMA has provided such professional services for over 30 years.  We invite you to read the information contained in this web page and contact us if we can be of service to you.